About Us

Servier Australia

Servier Australia is the local subsidiary of the Servier group, a leading French-based international and independent pharmaceutical company governed by a non-profit foundation. Our head office is located in Hawthorn, Victoria.

Our medicines fit into 4 therapeutic areas: cardiovascular disease, oncology, diabetes and more recently neuropsychiatric disorders such as depression and schizophrenia.

Our Clinical Research team, in conjunction with the French-based research centres, oversees the management of Phase I, II III and IV clinical trials conducted in research-based hospitals throughout Australia. 

Servier Internationally

In the short space of 50 years, Servier has developed in stature from a family-owned, provincial pharmacy employing nine people to a multi-national operation with over 20,000 employees worldwide, including nearly 3,000 in R&D. Despite its significant growth in recent years, the Company is passionately and permanently committed to remaining independent.

Established in 140 countries, Servier has achieved consistently high growth especially throughout the last decade. The reason for this success is three-fold: firstly, one of the world's highest ratios of investment in research and development; secondly, an enviable reputation for product innovation; thirdly, the motivation, commitment and professionalism of the Company's personnel are second to none.